Will a Robot take my job?

This particular evening, sitting on one of the interminable conference calls (an unavoidable hazard of my job), I discovered this interesting website — https://willrobotstakemyjob.com/. My job can loosely be classified with Sales, so I looked up Sales Managers. And voila! I will keep my career if I stay above the bottom 7%.

I am breathing easy for now! Although it got me wondering about those who are not selling something. As a very extreme opposite, writers are at higher risk of losing their jobs to robotics. Adding to that the loss of faith in the practice of reading, writers have a tough time ahead if that is the source of bread and wine! But is it real?

There is no denying that the career spectrum is shrinking for generalists and the mediocre. Moving past the debate on whether efficiency is inhuman, is there a threat? When I think about it, in the last decade or so, there are jobs that never existed that have become money generators. And this is primarily an outcome of efficiency that is driven through mechanization. Who thought of a Social Media Influencer about a decade ago? There is now a job title, I am told, of Chief Listening Officer! If you read up a little, one keen insight emerges. The value of the human effect has undergone a significant increase, and it’s a correlation with profitability, credibility, and other metrics that Analysts break their heads on that cannot be denied. Sooner or later, empathy will transition from a soft skill to a hard skill since that seems to be at the foundation of many of these jobs that did not exist a decade ago.

Will there be unemployment due to mechanization? Yes. Most definitely, there will be transitions to new skills and jobs. Does everyone have to be a software coding expert to survive? Maybe not! Justin Bieber makes $ 650,000 per post on Social Media. And I would not trust him to code “Hello World” on a low-code platform! So there is hope.



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