Doing Absolutely Nothing

Of all the forms of art, I think the art of doing nothing at all is the most demanding and requires skills! I am sitting on New Year's Eve, 2021. It has been an absolute disaster of a year for almost everyone I know and worse for the remaining large population with whom I have no connection. And I am sitting doing absolutely nothing!

I tried to read. I am on the verge of reaching my goal of 40 books in 2021. At 39 and a half, I cannot bring myself to pick up even a short book to finish. I browsed around the internet for "cool things to do," which led me to drive on the back of Google Earth on the AR75, looking at random churches, farms, and houses for a while. That lost its charm after a few miles. I tried looking at Netflix and Prime Video for something interesting to watch. Nothing there caught my eye! I spent time on Amazon to buy a table storage extender. Nothing seemed to fit what I was looking for, so I quit after adding about seven random items to my wish list. I browsed around for a little while on YouTube, looking for cooking videos to watch; never been much of a fan of cat videos. And my YouTube history seems to have led me down recommendations that are not cheering me up.

I have absolutely nothing to do with the Omicron virus reigning terror and everything else that usually occupies me, having acquired a lack of luster. Nowhere to go! Nothing to buy! Working on a book, I started a new chapter, but a looming writer's block seems to have gripped me! So that, too, was a dead end.

It seems like the year has drawn to a close along a leading time zone. And, I have finished all the things that I could do. And at the moment, I have a half month's worth of vacations still ahead, yet I cannot figure out what to do. What a disaster of a year this one has been that all I have to look forward to is dinner and sleep into the new year. I am hopeful, wish for everyone that the next year will come bearing some better prospects.



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